Hand painted tile Maya


Hand painted tile Maya

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It's fascinating to watch Moroccan artisans painting the glazed tiles. The women and men dedicate themselves to this beautiful task with concentration and dedication. Having the final result in mind at this stage also requires a lot of imagination: the colors only shine so brilliantly after the tiles have been fired for the second time.

The hand-painted tiles show the entire range of oriental ornaments : from braided ribbons to flowers and buds, stars and snails to abstract geometric shapes. Up to five colors shine on the always bright, mostly white background. Each has a symbolic meaning in Islam: white for purity, ocher/yellow for eternity, blue for protection from the evil eye, etc. Typical of hand-painted tiles are the fine black lines that outline every detail.

The approximately 10 x 10 cm small tiles can be used in a variety of ways : in the kitchen for the back wall of the work surface, as a splash guard, counter cladding, coasters or simply for decoration. How about, for example, a colorful tile band in the bathroom or guest toilet?

Our tip: Do you think one hand-painted tile is more beautiful than the other? A tile mix makes your decision easier. Our packages contain 9 different motifs in a harmonious color combination . Also ideal as a sample tile set. Tiles that are not laid become decorative glass coasters at the next garden party.

Please note: Hand-painted tiles are unique pieces . This means that minimal irregularities and color deviations are possible. The slightly uneven appearance in particular testifies to the authenticity and real handcraft.

Product details:
Application: wall
Material: clay
Type: hand painted tile
Surface: Glossy
Thickness: approx. 11mm
Format: approx. 10 x 10 cm
Frost protection: no

The price is for one hand painted tile. The minimum order quantity is 9 tiles.

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